About MedGyn

MedGyn Products manufactures and distributes medical devices for the women’s healthcare industry including disposables, high quality instruments and equipment to OB/GYN professionals around the world. Our focus on our corporate values has allowed us to continually grow for over four decades as one of the leading suppliers of medical devices for women.

Commitment to

We are continually evaluating our product portfolio to drive innovation in healthcare delivery for women. We focus on innovation by leveraging our relationships with professionals to understand procedural techniques and new product development opportunities. As a result, we have received numerous awards and hold several patents on our products.

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Patients and Professionals

We are committed to patients and professionals by constantly evaluating procedural techniques to identify products that are less invasive and more effective on women. Our focus is to improve the quality of life for female patients by offering the best medical device technology.

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We are committed to product excellence and are a fully certified FDA and CE manufacturer and distributor. We follow the stringent requirements of ISO 13485. We uphold our products to the highest standards.

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Our Diverse Team

We have a dedicated employee base that is passionate about improving women’s healthcare. All people are welcome at MedGyn regardless of race, ethnicity, faith, gender, sex, orientation, and age. We strive to provide a collaborative environment to help our employees succeed, continually investing in educating and training our team to provide superior customer service.