U.S. Senator (IL) Tammy Duckworth Visits MedGyn!

MedGyn had the privilege of receiving U.S. Senator (IL) Tammy Duckworth at our new headquarters. She had inspirational stories to share from her experiences in the military to her journey with infertility. She was passionate about our country, helping small businesses, and creating manufacturing jobs – all values that align with MedGyn as we continue to innovate in Women’s Health. Regardless of an individual’s political affiliations, she is a Veteran, Senator, Mom, and Champion of Women’s Health for which we owe the utmost respect. Thank you Senator Duckworth, her wonderful staff and IMEC for making this day possible. More to come on the Senator’s advice for our team!

MedGyn Top 100 Finalist in 2021 Chicago Innovation Awards!

MedGyn has been selected over 4,000 companies and innovations as a Top 100 Finalist in the 2021 Chicago Innovation Awards. Please vote for us at https://bit.ly/3llmP1X and select our latest innovation the MedGyn MTA-100 Thermal Ablation System for precancerous cervical cancer. Please select MedGyn on Page 6 and submit on Page 10. Thank you for your support!

Best and Brightest Chicago

Best and Brightest- again!

For the second year in a row, we honored to be named a 2021 Winner for Chicago’s Best and Brightest Companies to Work for Program. Thank you, MedGyn Team, for your passion and dedication to women’s healthcare. And, of course, thank you, The Best and Brightest Programs, for this recognition!

Hospital in India overwhelmed with COVID patients in need of oxygen

MedGyn Brings Vital Equipment to India

150 oxygen compressors are now on their way to Bengaluru, India donated by MedGyn and an Indian American non profit. MedGyn’s partners on the ground will distribute this life-saving equipment to facilities treating COVID patients in one of the world’s hardest-hit countries. Our commitment isn’t only to women’s health; it’s to global health.

Stanford University Ob/Gyn Trains on the MTA-100

The Stanford University Ob/Gyn department is receiving training on the MTA-100 Thermal Ablation System. With the help of these young, soon-to-be medical professionals, this innovation in cervical cancer treatment will soon be freeing women from this terrible disease.

Special thanks for staff at Stanford University for the use of this photo.

Employee Testimonials

“When I first started at MedGyn, there was a whole lot that I needed to learn. I was scared to talk on the phone, I was afraid that I was going to say something wrong, and that I was not going to remember anything! All those things happened and was very apparent. One of the things I learned is that it is okay to mess up or not know something, you gain so much more respect and credibility with the person you are talking to by just being honest. Honesty is highly appreciated in this job!

“I was able to be so much more resourceful to my customers just by listening to my boss and my colleagues handle conversations that I may not have had to do before. That really helped me become better with my customer service and my relationships with my customers.

“I take a lot of pride in my work and I have gained a great amount of knowledge and relationships with my time here and I appreciate everything that everyone at MedGyn has been able to provide me during my almost 3 years here to help me get to where I am now. My boss always takes the time to help even when he has a million other things to do. My coworkers are amazing as I was able to ask any of them for help or just to talk and get advice if l needed it. And the Agadis are a great resource with an abundance of knowledge, willing to share it at any time.”

“I wanted to personally thank you for the opportunity that I was given at MedGyn. I thoroughly enjoyed my time here and learned more than I could have imagined. I know the skills that I have learned and improved will better prepare me for the future.”

“We are more than just a company, we are honestly a family and I have never ever had this type of feeling in a work environment. There have been a lot of laughs here and I will cherish them all.

“MedGyn Products, Inc. is my third Company I had worked for. As a career woman enjoying what I am doing as an Accountant, working almost 46 years since I came to US. Thank you to the management staff, especially to Mr. L. Agadi, who gave me the opportunity to work and contribute my knowledge and experience. I will never forget you and wish good health and happiness to you and your family.”

“In many ways MedGyn was like any other company. We came up with ideas, discussed them, kept some, discarded others, found new sales channels. We met in the hallway, in each other’s offices. We talked about our kids. We had sales meetings. We cared about each other. We had doughnuts.

“But that does not begin to describe what it was like to work at MedGyn. There was a certain alchemy there. One important element was my international teammates. Collectively, we had hundreds of years of experiences, different experiences brought together to form a cohesive unit. International experiences, some including sales experience, to be used differently in different markets. But more than our experience, what made my team extraordinary was our great respect for one another’s ideas, opinions and background, sense of humor, and food interests; and our dogged determination to make our task the best that it could be.

“Another element of our bewitching brew was my fellow employees, hard work in production, in procurement, in operations and, of course, our much-beloved HR and A/R. These were the people who made sure that those of us on the frontline, in sales, generally looked good, both while at our desks or when face-to-face with customers.

“The final element that made working at MedGyn rewarding was, of course, my overseas customers. Without them, I wouldn’t have the thrill of seeing initial meetings -virtual or in person- turn into relationships, into ideas and later into mutual plans, see them bud, grow, bloom, and flourish. Without them, I’d have had no daily fun, no excitement… …no disappointments. Without some of them, I would have fewer global friends today.

“The work I did, the friends I’ve made, and the people in whose lives I have made even a small difference provided the foundation for a good work life for almost 11 years.”

“I applaud you and the culture of MedGyn/Thomas Medical. The people are committed and true in their work and values. I appreciate what I learned and experienced while being part of your team. I am blessed to be chosen and given the chance to work with you,”

“I still remember when I first visited Thomas Medical. I was moved when I read the words written on the wall: “Quality is Everyone’s Job.” I think this is the best quote if you want to build a good medical product. I chatted with most of the people in the factories and I found out that the major reason why they kept working at the factory. It was not only their salaries, but faith that the products they are making are helpful to society. For example, I was incredibly moved. This is where the best teams start. I hope when my family is eventually sent to intensive care, it is a Thomas Medical electrode that keeps them with me and delays that final goodbye.”

MedGyn Completes Acquisition of Thomas Medical

ADDISON, Ill.Sept. 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — MedGyn (www.MedGyn.com), a leading innovator in women’s healthcare and a U.S.-based supplier of medical device products, today announced that through one of its subsidiaries it has completed the acquisition of Thomas Medical (www.ThomasMedical.com) from Biomerics ATL, LLC, based in Salt Lake City, Utah.


Thomas Medical has a longstanding reputation that has spanned decades as a reliable brand for single-use medical devices and accessories. The Company is currently based in Indianapolis, IN and focuses on U.S.-based manufacturing for its products in order to provide reliable supply to its customers while meeting the highest quality standards.


“This acquisition underscores MedGyn’s strong commitment to both patients and healthcare professionals by continuing to provide trusted products and services in women’s healthcare. While we focus on domestic manufacturing, the breadth of our distribution network is global and includes over 140 countries.  We look forward to providing our customers reliable access to Thomas Medical’s high-quality portfolio of products,” said Lakshman Agadi, CEO & Chairman of MedGyn.


Thomas Medical manufacture products that are essential to quality care for many women’s health procedures. Their portfolio includes HS catheters and procedure trays, uterine manipulators (UMI), injectors, endometrial samplers, IUI catheters and LEEP/LLETZ electrodes. The products are used in thousands of hospitals, surgery centers, radiology/imaging centers, fertility/IVF clinics and OB/GYN practices. All products are FDA cleared and CE marked.


Thomas Medical will operate as an independent division of MedGyn. All products will continue to be manufactured in the United States without any disruption. Thomas Medical will be retaining its brand. The acquisition is effective immediately.


More About MedGyn

MedGyn is dedicated to developing trusted products for women’s healthcare. For over 45 years MedGyn has been committed to the industry as a privately-run business. The company is based in Chicago, IL and its products and services now span across the globe. As the needs of women’s healthcare have evolved, so too has the company’s portfolio to include areas of significant unmet demand such as cancer, reproductive health, and maternal health. Further, MedGyn has taken upon itself to ensure that its social responsibility to the world is also its corporate responsibility. Innovation has always been a core value for MedGyn. Their desire to drive innovation stems from the Company’s dedicated vision to improve the quality of health for women worldwide. MedGyn has spent significant investment in R&D to discover therapies for cervical cancer therapy, family planning, infertility, pre and postnatal care, and uterine prolapse. Most recently, MedGyn was the recipient of the Exporter of the Year Award by the State of Illinois in 2019 and 2015, Chicago’s Best and the Brightest Companies to Work for in 2020, and the Malcolm Baldrige Interest in Excellence Award in 2020.

Best and Brightest Chicago

MedGyn Receives 2020 Chicago Best and Brightest Companies to Work For

Best and Brightest Companies to Work For® Announce This Year’s Best and Brightest Companies to Work For® in Chicago


July 2, 2020 – Warren, MI — Every year companies throughout Chicago compete to be named
one of “Chicago’s Best and Brightest Companies to Work For®.” Only companies that
distinguish themselves as having the most innovative and thoughtful human resources approach
can receive this honor. These select companies will be honored on Friday, July 24, 2020 on a
digital platform that the honorees will log into.


An independent research firm evaluates each company’s entry, based on key measures in various
categories. They include Compensation, Benefits and Employee Solutions; Employee
Enrichment, Engagement and Retention; Employee Education and Development; Recruitment,
Selection and Orientation; Employee Achievement and Recognition; Communication and Shared
Vision; Diversity and Inclusion; Work-Life Balance; Community Initiatives; Strategic Company
Performance; and the Best of the Best Small Business, Medium Business and Large Business.


“Through the first half of 2020, the Best and Brightest Companies To Work For® have
demonstrated leadership and forward thinking as they pivoted their business and workforce
through Covid-19. As the conversation and focus has shifted, our Best and Brightest winning
companies have also been a voice for important actions regarding race relations. In these unique
times, the Best and Brightest Companies To Work For excel and share their knowledge with
others,” said Jennifer Kluge, President and CEO, Best and Brightest Programs.

MedGyn Recipient of the Malcolm Baldrige Interest in Excellence Award!

MedGyn was honored to be the recipient of the Malcolm Baldrige Interest in Excellence Award by Illinois Manufacturing Excellence Center. The event was attended by Illinois healthcare leaders who are driving excellence in manufacturing and operations. We are very proud of the MedGyn team and our ongoing commitment to our customers and women’s health. Thank you IMEC for this recognition!

MedGyn Donates LED Speculum to Rural Area in Panama

MedGyn is moved to hear the mission work of Barbara Kern-Pieh RN who leads a medical team to rural areas of Panama to treat women who lack sufficient medical care. Barbara explained that her team of four medical professionals went up the mountain to provide care to women who would have had to walk over five hours to reach the single clinic available to them. She shared that she setup in the store room because there was tin over the open wall. Furthermore she used a teacher’s desk as her examination table. In four days her team saw over 275 patients many she explained were in a significant amount of pain from the repetitive stress and muscle fatigue of the difficult life they live. Barbara was thankful to MedGyn for supply MedGyn’s LED Speculum to use on her patients who needed medical care.

MedGyn Awarded 2019 Exporter of the Year by State of Illinois and Governor Pritzker!

On Wednesday June 26, 2019 MedGyn received the 2019 Exporter of the Year award by the State of Illinois. Lieutenant Governor Julia Stratton and Deputy Director of DCEO Erin Guthrie presented the award. MedGyn is a two-time recipient of the Exporter of the Year award receiving its first in 2014. MedGyn attended the event with leading exporters and government officials and was honored to receive the recognition to continue its mission to improve women’s health worldwide.


MedGyn Products Discusses Women’s Health in Forbes

Aarathi Singh Chief Operating Officer at MedGyn Products discusses How Leaders Can Begin Redefining Women’s Health in Forbes.

“Women’s health is not a lapel pin of a pink ribbon. It’s not an app on your phone or the month of October. It’s not restricted to one age, demographic or geography. It’s not a label or a category. It’s not a singular condition. My mother is in remission from breast cancer, and women’s health is not that either.

Enter the paradox of women’s health: As a society, we uniformly agree it’s important, but many of us cannot define it.”

Nam Dinh Provincial Reproductive Health Center Dedicated to MedGyn

From Rebecca, Dr. Gordon and CCC Team,

“In the last 4 years, CureCervicalCancer’s 10 “See & Treat” clinics in Vietnam have screened/treated nearly 50,000 women. MedGyn’s generous donation of 4 cryotherapy devices allowed us to expand our impact in 2017 and equip new sites in Vietnam.

Last December, we dedicated the Nam Dinh Provincial Reproductive Health Center to MEDGYN. Today, our team visited the busy screening clinic and assisted the doctors in screening/treating women. We continue to be impressed with their dedication to cervical cancer prevention, and we receive monthly data reports that indicate the hundreds of women screened/treated.

THANK YOU, MEDGYN for your continued support. We value our relationship with you & are so grateful to be giving our clinics the best cryotherapy device available.”

MedGyn Receives Honor from State of Illinois for Exporting Excellence

In May 2018, MedGyn receives certificate from State of Illinois for its dedication to increasing exports in the State of Illinois. Governor Bruce Rauner signed the certificate and the honor was given to only two companies in the State. This is MedGyn’s second honor received from the State of Illinois with the first one presented in 2015 as the Exporter of the Year.

MedGyn Participates in Roundtable with Ambassador of Ethiopia

MedGyn participated in a roundtable discussion on economic development in Ethiopia with Ambassador Kassa Teklebirhan. The Ambassador expressed the interest to increase investments made in selected industries in Ethiopia including healthcare. MedGyn had the opportunity to discuss its focus in women’s health and gynecology oncology products needed in the country. It was a mutually beneficial meeting that allowed MedGyn to continue to pursue its mission to develop trusted products for women worldwide.

MedGyn Clinic for Cervical Cancer Prevention Opens in Vietnam!

CCC screened over 1500 women and launched 3 new See and Treat clinics using the MedGyn Cryotherapy System. The MedGyn Clinic for Cervical Cancer Prevention recently opened is now permanently located within a reproductive health center in the Nam Dinh province of Northern Vietnam.

Dr. Nancy Fleming Travels with CCC to Vietnam

Dr. Nancy Fleming PhD, CNM and Rotary President travels with CCC to Vietnam to their see and treat clinics. She shares her positive experience with fellow Rotarians on CCC and MedGyn’s partnership in treating cervical cancer worldwide.

MedGyn Recognized in Women’s Health Diagnostic Market Report

The global women’s health diagnostics market was valued at $13,133 million in 2016, and is projected to reach $21,501 million in 2023. Women are more prone to obesity and reproduction related issues as compared to men. Women’s health diagnostics include screening, testing or diagnosing, and monitoring of several women-related disorders namely breast cancer, ovarian, cancer, cervical cancer, menopause, and pregnancy.

MedGyn Collaborates with Pathfinder International in Ethiopia

Pathfinder has worked to increase access to cervical cancer prevention services with HIV-positive women in Ethiopia. They implemented a single-day approach to detection and treatment in several facilities using the MedGyn Cryotherapy System.

MedGyn Partners with Bulamu Healthcare (NGO) in Uganda

Dr. Victoria Mui is shown in video treating women with cervical cancer in Uganda with the MedGyn Cryotherapy System. Through the efforts of Bulamu Healthcare, MedGyn’s Cryotherapy was accessible to women in need in Uganda.

U.S. Department of Commerce Healthcare Delegates from CIS visit MedGyn

U.S. Department of Commerce healthcare delegates from CIS countries visited MedGyn headquarters to learn about the product line in women’s health. Delegates included physicians, hospital administrators, and distributors all of whom have a significant impact in bringing innovative medical devices to their countries. Medgyn was honored to host the delegates to improve women’s health in their region.

CCC Opens 11 New Clinics in Haiti with MedGyn Cryotherapy System

11 new “see and treat” centers were opened by Cure Cervical Cancer (CCC) in Haiti. 22 medical professionals were trained on the MedGyn Cryotherapy System. Haiti is noted as having the highest number of reported cases of cervical cancer in the world. Medgyn was honored to be part of the CCC missions in improving women’s healthcare worldwide.

MedGyn Visits China with CureCervicalCancer

MedGyn partnered with CureCervicalCancer on a mission to certify 45 Chinese gynecologists in MedGyn Cryotherapy and screen and treat nearly 300 patients for precancerous cervical lesions. The team visited and lectured physicians in Guangzhou, Kunming, Hekou, Shiping, and Lianyungang, China. MedGyn was honored to be part of the mission with CCC Founding Director Dr. Patricia Gordon and Medical Director Dr. Jennifer Lang.

Introducing MedGyn’s Endosampler II

The same trusted technology as the Endosampler, only better. MedGyn’s new Endosampler II™ is designed with two suction holes at the tip for a larger sampling size and a reduction in force for increased patient comfort.

This device is designed to collect clearly-differentiated endometrial tissue without anesthesia in an outpatient setting or office procedure. The Endosampler improves efficiency, convenience, and reliability of the tissue sample. It provides liberal histologic specimens, surgical ease, and is procedurally cost-effective, making it ideal for routine use.

MedGyn’s Endosampler II™ is recommended for diagnostics in both pre- and post-menopausal women. It is available in a semi-rigid 3mm curette with a safe luer lock 10mL syringe.

MedGyn Partners with the Lily Project in Nicaragua

The Lily Project, a nonprofit based in Nicaragua that is working to reduce the rate of cervical cancer in rural communities has now partnered with MedGyn to use the Cryotherapy System for treatment. The project is modeled after successful programs in other low resource areas that are using the single visit approach with VIA + Cryotherapy. MedGyn is honored to work with this organization.

100 Mothers Hear Their Child’s Heartbeat for the First Time

Thomazeau, Haiti, a town with limited healthcare, was provided MedGyn’s dopplers by Dr. Whitney Mascorro of Hendrick Health, who wanted to train local aids and provide better prenatal doppler testing. And now, thanks to our MedGyn Doppler, hundreds of women were tested and were gifted with the sound of their child’s heartbeat. “MedGyn Products has been providing prenatal dopplers to the international Obstetrics community for over twenty years. The company is committed to reducing fetal demise and morbidity with its high quality obstetrics products that have become the international standard for Obstetricians the world over. ”

IMEC visits MedGyn for The Genesis Movement’s Illinois Manufacturing Tour!

Illinois Manufacturing Excellence Center, IMEC, visited MedGyn Products as part of The Genesis Movement’s Illinois Manufacturing Tour. The Genesis Movement was launched to strengthen the Illinois manufacturing sector and its workforce by the Chicagoland Workforce Funder Alliance, who is supported by funders such as Hitachi Foundation, who was also part of the tour! The members of the Genesis Movement were able to tour Medgyn and experienced our step-by-step manufacturing and production process. We were very honored to be able to share our efforts and look forward to working with The Genesis Movement.

MedGyn Celebrates 40 Years!

MedGyn Products proudly celebrates 40 years! In 1975, MedGyn launched the AL- 102 binocular colposcope, a necessary equipment used by OB/GYNs to examine the cervix. Since then, MedGyn added four binocular colposcopes in its line and in 2003 launched its first digital colposcope, the AL-106 and most recently the AL-106 HD Digital Video Colposcope. MedGyn’s specialty in Gynecology Oncology increasingly grew with its addition of the Cryotherapy System. The product is used around the world particularly in underdeveloped countries to treat cervical cancer. The product is used by leading physicians and was also reviewed by the World Health Organization. Currently MedGyn partners with leadings NGOs to deliver improved healthcare with the use of the Cryotherapy System.

This year MedGyn celebrates its 40th anniversary and manufactures and distributes over 1,000 products in therapies including Gynecology Oncology, Obstetrics, Infertility, and Urogynecology. MedGyn exports to 100 countries and was also the recipient of the State of Illinois Exporter of the Year Award in 2014. Our future success is to continue developing innovative high quality products to improve women’s healthcare worldwide!

CureCervicalCancers Opens 2 New Clinics in Vietnam with MedGyn Cryotherapy

CCC joined their “Angel Donor”in Quang Ninh, Vietnam, one of the largest and most isolated provinces in the country. They re-certified their existing healthcare professionals who went on to train 14 additional nurses an doctors in Visual Inspection with Acetic Acid and Cryotherapy. In one week, they screened/treated 1,078 women of whom 220 (20.5%) screen positive for precancerous cervical lesions.

MedGyn Products wins Exporter of the Year at 2014 Governor’s Export Awards

Governor Pat Quinn awarded the 2014 Illinois Governor’s Export Award to MedGyn Products, Inc. at a large reception held on October. 23, 2014 at The Union League Club of Chicago. The Illinois Governor’s Export Award recognizes outstanding accomplishments in the export of Illinois goods and services around the globe. “We are very honored to receive this award as it not only shows our efforts in this country, but also recognizes that we continue to grow our global reach to benefit women around the world,” said MedGyn’s Founder, President and CEO, Lakshman Agadi after receiving the award.


MedGyn Cryotherapy and Cervical Cancer Program in Rwanda

The Department of OB/GYN and Women’s Health at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in Rwanda has developed a cervical cancer program for screening and treatment using the MedGyn Cryotherapy System. The team is now responsible for training efforts in establishing the Rwanda National Cervical Cancer Program.

Medgyn Partnership with CureCervicalCancer in Guatemala

MedGyn is honored to partner with CureCervicalCancer led by Dr. Patricia Gordon of Beverly Hills, CA to treat women with cervical cancer worldwide. Dr. Gordon and her team have made significant efforts in Guatemala to develop see and treat clinics to treat women using the MedGyn Cryotherapy System.