MedGyn Is Attending the International Symposium on Child Abuse

The International Symposium on Child Abuse, hosted by the National Children’s Advocacy Center, stands as a beacon of knowledge and collaboration in the realm of child maltreatment. This annual conference brings together dedicated professionals who are committed to preventing and addressing child abuse. Through expert training sessions and networking opportunities, attendees gain valuable insights, share best practices, and collectively work toward safeguarding the well-being of vulnerable children. 




The symposium serves as a vital platform for fostering awareness, advancing research, and promoting effective intervention strategies. By uniting professionals from diverse backgrounds, it strengthens the collective resolve to protect children and create a safer world for them. 


The conference will offer more than 100 workshops specifically focused on these fields: Administration, MDT, Forensic Interviewing, Law Enforcement, Medical, Mental Health, Prosecution/Legal, Prevention, Intervention, and Victim Advocacy. 





As a manufacturer of medical devices and equipment, MedGyn’s AL-106HD Colposcope is utilized by forensic medical experts during the examination of an abuse victim. This high-quality digital video colposcope and its accompanying data management software can provide crucial forensic evidence necessary in child abuse investigations conducted by law enforcement professionals.  


The LED light source ensures ultra-bright visualization and a long-life cycle. Also, its unique optics provide multiple filters to ensure high-quality images and improved visualization of blood vessels. Moreover, the Image & Data Management Software allows for the capture and management of colposcopy images into a self-contained patient record on an easy, user-friendly and secure system.


Key features include: 

  • MedGyn AL-106HD camera has FDA approval 
  • 1x – 40x magnification in crystal-clear HD 
  • Video recording in HD can rewind / pause / fast forward to achieve optimal images 
  • Blue & Green filters are key to quickly identifying lacerations and damaged blood vessels prior to bruising 

Once again, MedGyn is proud to participate in this really important conference, located in Huntsville, Alabama, March 18 – 21. We are looking forward to connecting and collaborating with medical professionals in their tireless efforts to help and empower these young survivors of sexual assault. Together, we strive to make a lasting impact and ensure that every child receives the care, support, and protection they deserve.  


(Resources: International Symposium on Child Abuse, National Children’s Advocacy Center)