Dr. Patricia Gordon – Dedicated to Preventing Cervical Cancer

Did you know that cervical cancer is nearly 100% preventable? However, more than 300,000 women will lose their lives to this disease each year, with close to 90% of those deaths occurring in developing countries.


Patricia Gordon MD, Radiation Oncologist and Founder of CureCervicalCancer.org, has dedicated her own life to saving other women’s lives in resource-poor countries.  With a history of cancer in women within her own family, she was drawn to the field of oncology. Dr. Gordon has served on the medical team for the Beverly Hills Cancer Center for many years. As a Radiation Oncologist in Beverly Hills who had been practicing for over 27 years, Dr. Gordon decided that she wanted to do more for women’s healthcare. In 2014, she decided to formally retire from clinical practice and focus on philanthropic medical programs in developing countries.


Through her commitment to women’s healthcare, Patricia founded CureCervicalCancer.org. Dr. Gordon and her team’s first step was to identify the communities in those countries who were most deprived of medical resources for cervical health screenings and treatment. Dr. Gordon has implemented a “See & Treat” method to identify pre-cancerous lesions and immediately treat them with cryotherapy or thermocoagulation.  Both treatments are fast, minimally invasive, and offer an 85-90% cure rate.  Dr. Gordon has found these treatments are efficient and most effective. Dr. Gordon has utilized MedGyn’s Cryotherapy System MGC-200 exclusively during her “See & Treat” procedures throughout the world. This safe and portable device allows the clinician to treat any lesions that appear during a cervical examination.


Currently, Curecervicalcancer.org has established successful programs throughout the world including China, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Vietnam, Guatemala, Haiti, Nigeria, Uganda, and Kenya.


A critical component to this program is ensuring its sustainability. Dr. Gordon trains the local clinical staff with the “See & Treat” approach which allows thousands of women to be screened and treated accordingly. The equipment and trained staff remain in place to continue the program within their own communities.


Dr. Gordon and her team are making a fundamental difference for thousands of women worldwide. She was recently recognized and honored as one of CNN’s Heroes of the Year. This program recognizes “everyday people making an extraordinary difference in the world.”  Upon receiving her award, Dr. Gordon said, “This award is for the forgotten women.” She further explained, “I’m doing the job that I’m supposed to do. I feel that I’m the luckiest doctor that ever lived.”


MedGyn is proud of our friend and partner in health, Dr. Patricia Gordon. We, along with thousands of women across the globe, are lucky to know her.


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