Lifting Up Women

You may have heard of MedGyn’s commitment to quality, innovation, and diversity. But do you know about our commitment to women? It may seem obvious for a company specializing in women’s healthcare products, but MedGyn values actions above words. This is why we support a wide range of Non-profit Organizations who do the same. This is only a sampling of the groups MedGyn supports. We hope they inspire you to take action alongside them.



Heifer International

“In many areas, girls are too often denied an education. Whether its cultural norms or lack of money, these girls instead must work in the fields or in the home while their brothers attend school. Join a growing group of monthly donors making it possible for families [to] send their daughters to school.”


Project Spotlight: Hatching Hope

“An efficient, productive poultry farm can change everything for farmers, their families, and their communities. Created by founding partners, Heifer International and Cargill, Hatching Hope will improve the nutrition and livelihoods of 100 million people by 2030 through poultry farming and make a significant contribution towards meeting the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

“Chickens and eggs are among the best and lowest-cost sources of high-quality protein urgently needed by millions of people living in poverty. Hatching Hope’s bold approach combines Heifer’s community development experience with Cargill’s technical expertise and follows on from a successful collaboration in China where we provided chicks, training, and nutritional information to 450 women-led poultry farms.”




“Blindness is a gender issue: globally there are 112 million more women than men living with vision loss, including blindness… [A] brighter future for women is a brighter future for the planet.”


Project Spotlight: The Singra Vision Center in Bangladesh

“The Singra Vision Center in Bangladesh is a unique place to go for eye care. It’s successfully run by three hardworking and dedicated eye health professionals who are all women in their 20s. The amazing trio is made up of Minufa, Rumpa and Kalpona – an optometrist, refractionist, and an optical dispenser. The team ensures patients accessing their family-friendly center are screened properly, treated, counseled, and referred to the nearest hospital for further treatment. They encourage women to seek treatment at the center, with many patients reporting barriers when attempting to be referred by men.

Since opening in August 2017, Singra has used the Grameen Social Business Model making it a ‘social business’ whose goal is to promote social needs rather than pursue profit. While the vision center does seek enough revenue to cover its costs it will only seek payment from those that can afford it. Those unable to contribute anything will still receive the same treatment free of charge. Thanks to the support of our donors, the Qatar Fund for Development and the Grameen Foundation, Minufa, Rumpa, and Kalpona can help up to 10 patients a day.”



Plan International

“Girls everywhere are undervalued, undermined, and underestimated… We are done with being silenced and ignored. With every action we take we are creating a new world with new rules where we have power in all decisions affecting our lives. Where we are safe to speak up without fear and harassment. Where the world stops promoting stereotypes. This is a movement for us all. Are you with us?”


Project Spotlight: #FreeToBeOnline

“Following the launch of our #FreeToBeOnline campaign, Instagram agreed to team up with girl activists from around the world to address online harassment.

“In November, we kicked off a series of Girls Get Equal Listening Sessions bringing together girl activists in direct conversation with Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp.

The Girls Get Equal Listening Sessions give girls themselves a say in how to make online safety a reality – including calling for stronger reporting mechanisms for violence that meet their needs and hold perpetrators to account. After all, they know the problem best.”



The struggle faced by women all over the world is real. It is debilitating and dangerous. Consider joining MedGyn in supporting and promoting critical programs like these. And always remember that change starts with you.