Pivoting to PPE

On February 6th, 2020 the coronavirus claimed its first victim on US soil. The next were taken on February 17th and March 6th. By the start of spring, hospitals and clinics were scrambling for the tools they needed to protect themselves and their patients. During this time, Aarathi Agadi-Singh (COO) and Amar Agadi (CMO) did a true pivot, switching MedGyn to a PPE supplier.



When did this start for MedGyn?

Aarathi: In February. The domestic sales team was hearing from multiple customers that they were in desperate need of PPE. Their hospitals were in short supply and we wanted to help. While we’ve never supplied PPE before, we started getting in touch with suppliers.

Amar: We went with several vendors. Unfortunately, there were a few products from a potential vendor that were not medical-grade masks or N-95 certified masks so we did not work with them. So, we found people who had what our customers needed and that met the standards.

Aarathi: We offered the three-ply masks, hand sanitizer, and thermometers. For a short period, we had N-95 masks, but they were gone in a single day. We even had a surplus of supplies that we were able to donate.



What did you donate?

Aarathi: We donated masks, gowns and hand sanitizers. The donated supplies went to local medical centers. We have closer relationships with those hospitals and clinics because of our efforts.



How did this pivot affect MedGyn as a small business?

Amar: We were able to keep our employees on staff through all this. They appreciated being a part of the solution.

Aarathi: We had to pivot for a short period for our domestic market. The team was working remotely but they still were able to serve customers with PPE. This was something the Baldridge examiners appreciated how MedGyn was able to pivot to new customer needs.



How did this experience impact you personally?

Amar: I’m glad we were able to serve our community.

Aarathi: I was moved by how much trust our customers had in us. And we felt obligated and grateful to help them. We’re a company that supplies Ob/Gyns, but our customers trusted us that they asked for help with products we don’t normally provide.



During this time, MedGyn’s domestic sales team received a few notes of thanks from their customers.


“Thank you so much for reaching out. We really appreciate you coming through for us.  “

“Boy-oh-boy… I have been saying wonderful things about you forever. I am glad everyone is seeing it now.”