Women’s Health Innovation Summit

“What enables and disrupts women’s health and how do we provide quality access to care?” It’s hard to know where to begin with such an important question.


This past weekend, COO Aarathi Singh joined with other women’s health professionals on the featured panel at the Women’s Health Innovation Summit. The aim? To bring together leaders with different experience levels and fields to discuss trends, issues, and ways to collaborate.


Here are the big takeaways from the discussion:


  • Data specific to women is key to lasting innovation and we don’t have enough of it. Clinical trials still heavily favor males and don’t look into the unique effects treatments could have on a woman’s unique anatomy.
  • Women’s health is not a singular issue but needs to be addressed based on a women’s lifecycle and at a global level. It’s important to note how economic, social and political factors impact women’s healthcare and the availability of the latest technology for their medical needs.
  • The pandemic and new focus on women’s health is the perfect storm for innovation in often overlooked and underserved areas.
  • There has been an explosion of brilliant tech start-ups focused on women’s health. These entrepreneurs would benefit immensely from collaboration other women’s health organizations.


Aarathi was asked to participate in the Innovation Summit not only because she’s a leader in women’s health products, but because of MedGyn’s work with NPO’s around the globe. Aarathi highlighted how clients came to MedGyn for PPE during the COVID outbreak– not because MedGyn is a PPE provider, but because our customers trust MedGyn to source quality products. She also talked about a new thermal ablation system for fighting cervical cancer. It’s a new product designed to be used overseas in geographical regions where quality women’s health care is hard to come by.


After participating in the panel, this is what Aarathi said impacted her the most:


Everyone in this industry has a similar passion for women’s health. You don’t do this kind of work if you don’t love it. All of the input from my fellow speakers was very real, and every point they brought up was an issue that needs to be addressed. We learned that no matter the size or focus of your company, we are all dealing with the same issues.


There’s a lot more good work to be done, and with conferences like this bringing brainpower and resources together, we’re on our way to lasting change for women everywhere.


Thank you to Kisaco Research, Spark Solutions for Growth, Susan C. Nicholson, MD with Johnson & Johnson, Alice Zheng with McKinsey & Company, Anula Jayasuriya with EXXclaim Capital, and Stephen Gerrard with The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for being a part of this important discussion.


Learn more about the Women’s Health Innovation Summit presented by Kisaco Research by visiting https://womenshealthinnovationusa.com/events/womens-health-innovation-summit.