MedGyn Cryotherapy System

The MedGyn Cryotherapy System was designed by doctors and engineered by cryogenicists to ensure performance, safety and convenience.

MedGyn AL-106 High Definition Digital Video Colposcope

AL-106 Digital Video Colposcope is now available in high definition with enhanced megapixels, HDMI connection, and multiple green filters. The AL-106 has innovative white and blue LED lights that ensures ultra-bright visualization and a long life cycle. It’s spot-on-spot subtraction technology and unique CMOS/optics design provides high-definition images and improved visual of blood vessels and meticulous detail.

MedGyn Endosampler

The unique design of the MedGyn Endosampler allows for superior accuracy and a more reliable sample than traditional endometrial sample devices.

MedGyn Infertility Products

MedGyn’s Infertility Product Line video contains all instruments and single-use disposables MedGyn has available for infertility procedures.

MedGyn Cell Sweep

The MedGyn Cell Sweep Pap Smear device simultaneously samples both the endocervix and ectocervix eliminating the need for both a Cyto-Brush and Spatula.

MedGyn Aspiration Kit Double Valve

MedGyn’s Aspiration Kit Double Valve is a single-use device used with a range of karman cannulas and rigid curved and straight curettes.