National Children’s Alliance

What happens when a child is harmed in the most unimaginable way? The National Children’s Alliance (NCA) and Children’s Advocacy Centers (CAC) are the top organizations that step in. This year, as always, MedGyn is proud to be a part of the National Children’s Alliance Leadership Conference.


“Help Victims Become Survivors.”

Over the three-day on-line conference, medical professionals and councilors will strengthen their knowledge and techniques for helping victims of sexual abuse. Because this violation deeply affects victims on a myriad of levels, the NCA prepares a wide scope of workshops. Here are some stand-out topics:


Day 1

  • I Take it Back: When a Child Recants Sexual Abuse Allegations
  • Elevating your Forensic Interview Program
  • Reaching the Rural Underserved through Telehealth

Day 2

  • Intersection of Child Abuse, The Pandemic, Equity and Poverty: Learnings from our Collective Experience in 2020
  • When Faith Hurts: Effective Multidisciplinary Team Responses to the Spiritual Impact of Child Abuse
  • Session 3A: Stretching Imagination: Optimizing Space, Staff, and Tech in Rural CACs

Day 3

  • Helping Your Members Through the Accreditation Process Part I & II
  • Scenario-Based Training: Bringing Humanity to the Classroom
  • Addressing Tech’s Impact on Child Exploitation

These workshops and dozens more help CAC staff to improve their service to the most vulnerable. Not only that, but they provide Continuing Education Units (CEU’s). These allow practitioners to gain certificates in their State and/or professional discipline, advancing their careers and skills.



Compassion is Strength

One group that gains from CEU’s is Sexual Assault Nurse Practitioners. SANE’s go through special training to help victims of sexual assault. They are forensic nurses– the “CSI” of sexual assault. According to the International Association of Forensic Nurses,


“To become a SANE, you must first be a registered nurse (or advanced practice), preferably with two years or more experience in areas of practice that require advanced physical assessment skills, such as emergency, critical care and maternal child health.”

Simply put, before training to become a SANE, an RN must have plenty of experience dealing with high-stress situations.


One of the most important tasks a SANE will do is also the most difficult: collecting evidence. After an unimaginably traumatic experience, a SANE inspects the victim’s body, inside and out. Data and evidence such as bruises, lacerations, and biological remnants are recorded and collected.


In the effort to minimize further traumatizing the victim, MedGyn developed the AL-106 HD Video Colposcope. With an auto-focus video recorder instead of a camera and special filters that show physical damage more clearly, the SANE can quickly perform the examination and return to the recording later to gather the evidence needed. The colposcope is usually paired with MedGyn’s Data & Image Management Software, developed with the help of a physician and prosecutor to ensure the highest integrity as information is shared with law enforcement.


SANE’s, Children’s Advocacy Center personnel, and everyone associated with the National Children’s Alliance are special people with as much compassion as strength. They go face-to-face with the most heinous acts, sooth and heal victims as much as possible, and work to prevent others from suffering in the future: exactly what makes a true hero.





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